Welcome to Obsidian: A Journal of the Speculative and the Fantastic

We are the first magazine dedicated to publishing science fiction and fantasy that falls outside the hegemony of the white, male, northern European, capitalistic influences that typicaly pervade these genres. As such, we are especially open to publishing the works of writers of color, writers from the LGBTQ community, Marxist writers, and writers from the third world, although everyone is invited to submit. The key characteristics we are looking for are quality and originality.

We are now accepting submissions for our premier issue, which is coming out summer of 2018. Feel free to read our submission guidelines.


Subscription information coming soon.

We're working on that. More details will follow.

Social Media

We're on Twitter @ObsidianJournal, which is the best place to get the latest updates or to reach out to us. We also have a Facebook page. Stop in and say hello!